What Is Stereotyping?


Stereotyping is the action of categorising people into certain groups. It is based on prevailing prejudices of the group’s race or religion. An example is the stereotype that all people who wear black clothes and spiky jewellery are Goths who enjoy hanging out at graveyards.
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A stereotype is a classification used by society. People are grouped into particular stereotypes according to looks, behavior, or income.
From the time of birth most children are socialized with sex roles. In other words, they are shown by society what is expected of them as males or females. This is evident in numerous
A a stereotype is a "widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. For example many people see people of Asian ethnicity as
Girls are gentler than boys. HAHAHAHAHA.
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[ster-ee-uh-tahyp, steer-]
a process, now often replaced by more advanced methods, for making metal printing plates by taking a mold of composed type or the like in papier-mâché or other material and then taking from this mold a cast in type metal.
a plate made by this process.
a set form; convention.
Sociology a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group: The cowboy and Indian are American stereotypes.
to make a stereotype of.
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Stereotyping is a thought process that involves generalising about the seemingly typical characteristics of members of a particular group. A stereotype is a popular belief about specific social groups or types of individuals. Stereotyping is highly associated with prejudice.
Stereotyping is when you make an assumption about a person or a group of people because of some type of characteristic, like skin color or ethnic background.
Stereotyping is when you automatically assume someone acts like a certain group that the human race has categorized into. For example, if you see someone going down the road and you think, 'look at that weirdo' or someone has baggy pants and a chain around his neck, you automatically think that person is in a gang, that is stereotyping.
Stereotyping is believing that because a certain number of people from a class or region do or have something, then everybody from the same area is the same way. Stereotyping can be either positive or negative in its outlook. Example: Everybody in Germany drives a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW.
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Stereotyping occurs when a person is viewed based on preconceived notions about their membership in a particular group. To stereotype someone is to make a generalization ...
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