What Is Sterling Silver Worth?


When you want to go sell your old sterling silver or gold jewelry you don't want to be under paid. In order to figure out what your jewelry is worth on the day that you go and try to sell you need to know how much metal is worth using a calculator.
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No US coin has been struck in "Sterling" silver. Coin silver is used which is 90% silver and 10% copper. A 1963 dime is very common and most are valued just for the silver
Sterling silver flatware indicates flatware (e.g. forks, knives and spoons) made out of an alloy of at least 92 percent silver and 7 percent of another material for added strength
I found one online for Ninety
The scrap value would depend on the weight. Silver was going for $50+ an ounce not too long ago. you can get $40+ an ounce now.
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The silver has to be removed from the object so don't expect silver price. Some refiners will pay 90% of the spot silver value for sterling. Lets assume you have 1000 grams of sterling silver. The calculation is 500 x .925 (silver content of sterling) x .9 divided by 31.105 (to get troy ounces) x 32.01 (current spot price)= 856.72.
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