What is Stephen Hawking's IQ?


Stephen Hawking's IQ is not known for certain. Hawking has never been interested in how high his IQ is, but it has been estimated to be over 160. Hawking is well-known for his contributions to physics and gaining a better understanding of the universe.

An average IQ score is 100. Those with an IQ below 70 are considered to be intellectually disabled and those with an IQ over 130 are considered to be gifted. Abdesselam Jelloul has the highest recorded IQ. Jelloul took an advanced IQ test in 2013 and scored 198. The advanced IQ test Jelloul took measures 13 dimensions of intelligence.

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Stephen Hawking, the disabled physicist and cosmologist, is said to have an IQ of 160. However, Hawking does not like discussing his IQ as he feels those who discuss ...
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Stephen hawking has an I.Q of 160, the physicist and cosmologist was born in 1942 and is commonly known for his scientific books. Stephen was awarded the Presidential ...
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