What Is Strain Energy?


Strain energy is the energy that is stored in a body due to deformation. If the body is elastic in nature, the strain energy can be recovered though it will be in the form of mechanical energy.
Q&A Related to "What Is Strain Energy"
strain energy is the same as the energy stored in a spring... to bend or strain a piece of steel, for example, you have to put in a force on the end of it, that force times the distance
( i′las·tik ′strān ′en·ər·jē ) (mechanics) The work done in deforming a solid within its elastic limit.
Elastic strain energy is the work done (potential energy) in deforming a solid within
Hey, So I'm giving this question on a homework sheet and it's totally confused me: A steel bar with cross-section 60mm by 30mm and length 0.6m is subject to an axial ...show more
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