What Is Strain Energy?


Strain energy is the energy that is stored in a body due to deformation. If the body is elastic in nature, the strain energy can be recovered though it will be in the form of mechanical energy.
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strain energy is the same as the energy stored in a spring. to bend or strain a piece of steel, for example, you have to put in a force on the end of it, that force times the distance
A strain is when a muscle is overstretched and tears. It can be caused by an accident or the misuse of a muscle or the overuse of a muscle.
( i′las·tik ′strān ′en·ər·jē ) (mechanics) The work done in deforming a solid within its elastic limit.
Symptoms Cervical strains irritate nerves that travel from the neck into the chest, arms and hands. When this irritation radiates into the chest, shoulder, arm or hand on the right
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