What Is Strategic Drift?


Strategic drift is a management concept in which an organisations' response to the changing environment is often within the parameters of the organisations culture. Culture is traditionally seen as opposition to change, which stifles innovation and results in a momentum of strategy that can lead to strategic drift.
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strategic drift, where strategies progressively fail to address the strategic position of the organisation and this is frequently followed by transformational change and demise. answered
Strategic drift is a gradual change that occurs so subtly that it is not noticed until it is too late. By contrast, transformational change is sudden and radical. In professional
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Strategic drift is the situation that arises when a company rapidly develops strategy in a way that does not keep up with the changing environment. This situation causes a company's strategies to fail to address the strategic state of the organization. Consequently, a strategic drift may be as a result of the organizational history and culture that in turn hinder organizational change.
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