What is streamlining?


There are several different definitions of streamlining, the first being the process by which an object is made to have the least resistance possible from the air or water around it. It is derived from observing the tapered shapes of fish and birds. Alternatively, streamlining is defined as making a particular process more efficient by changing the method by which it is completed.

Streamlining is part of the physics of constructing vehicles. Many vehicles are streamlined to make them glide through the atmosphere or water more smoothly. Cars, boats and planes are all streamlined for efficiency. For instance, a car that is streamlined to combat air resistance uses less fuel in the long run. Airplanes and rockets have bodies streamlined to prevent drag as they ascend.

In the second definition, streamlining applies to processes that are modified to allow them to be done more quickly and more efficiently. One simple example is that modern appliances have streamlined household chores. Businesses often evaluate their methods for doing certain tasks with an eye for streamlining. Streamlining often means getting rid of employees, hiring a particular type of employee or buying certain computer programs to make tasks easier. Ultimately, it means cutting waste to allow work to proceed in a more cost-effective and productive manner.

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Answer Streamlining is simply making something, usually a vehicle more aerodynamic. Changing the surface to allow the air flow to move past easier. Letting it move through the air
To do a streamline refinance, your present loan must be an FHA loan. You will not need an appraisal as long as the balance does not increase more than the original loan amount. This
( ′strēm′līn·iŋ ) (design engineering) The contouring of a body to reduce its resistance to motion through a fluid.
Streamlined means made efficient by stripping off nonessentials; "short streamlined meetings."
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a teardrop line of contour offering the least possible resistance to a current of air, water, etc.
the path of a particle that is flowing steadily and without turbulence in a fluid past an object.
to make streamlined.
to alter in order to make more efficient or simple.
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