What is the definition of subject verb agreement?


Subject verb agreement is a type of a sentence structure in which both subject and verb have to be in accordance in number. This implies they should both be singular only or plural only but not both. This is the basic tenet of sentence construction.
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Subject-verb agreement is when a singular noun has an accompanying singular verb, and a plural noun has an accompanying plural verb. For example, the bird is vs. the birds are.
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Subject verb agreement refers to a situation in a sentence whereby the subject and verb are either both in singular or both in plural. It would not be appropriate ...
Subject and verb agreement is paramount for effective and clear communication. It helps one write good grammar and work that can be read and understood with ease ...
Using 'is' and 'are' correctly is a difficult thing for even native English speakers. This problem is a prime example of the complexities of subject-verb agreement ...
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