What is Sublingual?


Sublingual comes from two Latin words: sub, which roughly translates to below or under, and lingual, which refers to the tongue. Therefore, combining the Latin prefix sub with the Latin word lingual results in sublingual, and means below the tongue.
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situated under the tongue, or on the underside of the tongue.
a sublingual gland, artery, or the like.
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Under the tongue.
1. Wash your hands. Fill the dropper with as much medication as the doctor prescribed or as is recommended on the label. 2. Sit upright or place the patient in a seated position.
Inflammation of the sublingual gland.
1 Administer medication in a seated and upright position. The person taking the medication should be situated in an upright sitting position before administering sublingual medication
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Sublingually - (adj) Situated beneath or on the underside of the tongue, ...
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Sublingually - (adj) Situated beneath or on the underside of the tongue, ...
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