Subsistence Farming?


Subsistence farming is a type of farming which produces food to be consumed by the farmer and his family with no food produced for marketing. This provides the basic food needs of a farmer and includes growing a range of crops and keeping animals.
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subsistence farming is when farmers make only enough crops for themeselves and family. They come across different problems to commercial farmers, for instance a rise in the price
Subsistence farming, also called subsistence agriculture, is a form
Subsistence agriculture is self-sufficiency farming in which farmers grow only enough food to feed their families. The typical subsistence farm has a range of crops and animals needed
Do you mean subsistence farming? This is the farming of crops predominantly for consumption by the farm family rather than for sale.
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subsistence farming
farming whose products are intended to provide for the basic needs of the farmer, with little surplus for marketing.
farming that brings little or no profit to the farmer, allowing only for a marginal livelihood.
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