What Is Successmaker?


SuccessMaker is a computer/ technology based education and learning system for students of all abilities. The system has been tailor made to aid students better their numerical and literacy skills by allowing them to progress through the course at their own pace.
Q&A Related to "What Is Successmaker"
It's what you do in school. You go to the computer lab and you log-in with your student id and birth and you do math then at the end it tells you your score and how much you got right
1. Track your student's progress with SuccessMaker to identify areas of weakness in reading and math. Use the SuccessMaker student report function to identify areas of struggle and
fifth grade, we use SuccessMaker's Math Concepts and Skills and Readers' Workshop programs. Do all classes at RSES use SuccessMaker? Yes. In the fifth grade, each class does one 45-
I do not know how many schools use it. However in Valdosta, GA it is used in both school systems.
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