What is sugar made of?


Sugar or sucrose is a molecule made up of 22 atoms of hydrogen, 12 atoms of carbon and 11 atoms of oxygen. Like all other compounds made from the three listed components, sugar is a carbohydrate. It is found naturally in a number of plants, but particularly in sugarcane and sugar beets.
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History The sugaring method dates to ancient times (around 1900 B.C.) in Egypt. It could also be found in North Africa and East Africa, in Arabic cultures . In 1984 sugaring was brought
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Among other varieties, the basic ingredients for bread are Flour, Water, Sugar, and Yeast.
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Sugar comes from sugar cane, a sub-tropical and tropical crop. The cane is juiced, the juice is evaporated and the resulting syrup is boiled until sugar crystals form.
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Sugar is all natural. It is grown in stalks and then taken to the mill and processed to make sugar solid. There is white sugar and brown sugar.
Sugar is made up of three basic substances, sucrose, lactose and glucose. Primarily coming from sugar cane and beets, it is the leading cause of type II diabetes and tooth decay.
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