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Summation is the process of adding things together. It can also mean a total of things which have been added together. It is one of the mathematical operations which combine a sequence of numbers through addition.
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the act or process of summing.
the result of this; an aggregate or total.
a review or recapitulation of previously stated facts or statements, often with a final conclusion or conclusions drawn from them.
Law. the final arguments of opposing attorneys before a case goes to the jury.
Physiology the arousal of impulses by a rapid succession of stimuli, carried either by separate sensory neurons (spatial summation) or by the same sensory neuron (temporal summation)
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Summation is the process of combing numbers by using addition. Simply put summation is the sum or the total of a list of numbers that are added together.
Summation is the operation of a sequence of numbers using addition. The result is there sum or total.Most of the time you add the numbers from left to right, but you can add them from right to left and get the same sum.
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A summation is the answer to a series of numbers which is achieved by adding the numbers (terms) together. A summation can contain many numbers. They can be written side by side (
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