What Is Swimming?


Swimming is derived from the word swim, meaning to move through water by means of fins, tail or the limbs. The term may also refer to move as though gliding through water or, to float on water or another liquid.
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Swimming is undeniably the best sport to engage in. You use every muscle when you swim and cause no injuries to those muscles because you are literally 'cushioning' your muscles in
Like chlorine, bromine is a halogen that's available in three different forms: as a liquid, as a solid and as a gas. The difference between bromine and chlorine mainly lies in how
Swimming is the use of the body, sometimes with aids such as flippers or boards, to propel the body through the water. It is a popular leisure activity for most of the world, and
There is an especially beautiful outdoor pool in Vancouver, called Kitsilano Pool. There are two lap-swimming lanes, one is "to" and the other is "fro" Each
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the act of a person or thing that swims.
the skill or technique of a person who swims.
the sport of swimming.
pertaining to, characterized by, or capable of swimming.
used in or for swimming: swimming trunks.
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Some of the swimming rules are: do not eat while swimming, do not put on concrete swimsuits, do not go underwater before holding your breath, and do not swim ...
Most animals in the world can swim but there are a few animals that cannot swim. Some of these animals include tortoise, gorilla, giraffe, orangutan and coconut ...
A swim bladder is a hydrostatic organ presence in a fish that helps in buoyancy. It also connects with the ear to enhance hearing abilities in water and controls ...
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