Table of Specifications?


A table of specification or Tos is a chart that breaks down the topics that will be on a test and the amount of test questions or a fraction of weight each section will have on the final test position. The table of specifications is a plan for the groundwork of an exam.
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1. Refer to your curriculum guidelines to see what material you should cover on tests. These guidelines should tell you what students need to have learned by what point in the semester
This module describes how to configure the physical line interfaces (ports) as well how to configure those interfaces for tunneling, VLAN translation, TOS marking, and traffic rules
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A table of specification is chart that includes topics that are to be included on a test. It also includes the number of possible number of questions for that ...
Table of specification is a chart that gives a summary of topics to be tested and the amount of weight that is carried on the final grade of the test. Teachers ...
In making a table of specification, you will have to specify the complete contents of a one year activities for a particular course or curriculum. Additional ...
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