What Is Teleconference?


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A teleconference is the convening of multiple physically distanced individuals through the use of a telecommunication device, often a television. This technology is of much practical use in conducting meetings among scattered businessmen and women.
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[tel-i-kon-fer-uhns, -fruhns]
a business meeting, educational session, etc., conducted among participants in different locations via telecommunications equipment.
to participate in such a meeting or meetings.
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It is fairly simple to set up a teleconference. There are companies that provide teleconference phone numbers and that's where you will want to start. You will be provided a telephone
Teleconferences are conferences that are done via phone.
1. Call the first person on your conference list. Let him know what you are planning to do, and tell him you will be putting him on hold until everyone else is connected. 2. Press
Teleconference is the holding of a conference among people remote from one another by means
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A teleconference is a meeting of geographically separated participants in different locations linked by telecommunications equipment who may have two-way audio ...
The easiest way to conduct a teleconference is by providing a dial in number to the participants. Be sure to send out a memo or email to let people know what time ...
To set up a call conference you create an account with a teleconference service provider. There are different types of providers for example AT&T have teleconferencing ...
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