What Is Teleconferencing?


Teleconferencing is a communications network technology that makes the application of media such as television, video or telephone to expand discussions to more than two people mostly through speaker phones or via a two way satellite radio system.
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[tel-i-kon-fer-uhn-sing, -fruhn-]
the holding of teleconferences.
pertaining to or suitable for holding such meetings.
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Teleconferencing is a means of conducting a meeting or a conference via a telephone or network connection between participants in remote cities or work sites. It uses communications network technology to connect participants' and it can either be through the phone or live video streams over the internet.
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Teleconferencing occurs when two or more people conduct a meeting in which at least one person joins the discussion by telephone. A conference implies that there are several in attendance
Answer You might work for a company that has offices all over the country or all over the world. Instead of flying 25 people in for a meeting, they just use a speakerphone and dial
1. Select videoconferencing tools to facilitate easier communication between all project or team members. For example, webcams or video screens help members to place names to faces
The earliest form of teleconferencing was the telephone conference call, in which several par ties in various parts of the world could simultaneously hold a conversation. Businesspeople
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