What Is Telephone Conferencing?


Telephone conferencing is when the person making a call wants to have more than one person listening in to the audio or the talking part of the phone call. A Polycom phone is an example of a telephone that is specifically made to be used in making conference calls. This type of telephoning is referred to as Audio Tele-Conference or ATC.
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Video conferencing is having a telephone converstation with someone and being able to see them while talkign to them. So, no picking your nose while on the phone. Look here for more
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, video conferencing is a virtual meeting where sounds and images are transmitted through a video screen. Desktop video conferencing
Video teleconferencing if done well is obviously more persuasive. It requires a little more preparation in some cases (ie for screencasting or powerpoint creation) but seems well
There are countless advantages to video conferencing, but here are 5 important advantages. 1. Improve ROI + Help the Environment by Reducing Travel. Not only are you saving yourself
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Definition of Telephone Conferencing
There are two main types of automated business telephone conferencing--hosted and user paid. Phone conferencing calls for the use of telephonic equipment and technology to bring in multiple users--anywhere from two to 50 people--on one conference. Larger... More »
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Telephone conferencing is a conference held via telephone. It is an arranged phone call between more than two parties. The calling party wishes to have more than one called party listen in to the audio portion of the call.
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There are many different types of electronic communication. Some types of electronic communication include telephone, fax, email, Skype, and video conferencing ...
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