What is tephra?


Tephra is fragmental material comprised of rock fragments and particles produced as a result of a volcanic eruption. The name tephra is used in reference to all the material despite its composition, fragment size or emplacement mechanism.
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Tephra is an unconsolidated sediment that air falls when a Volcano erupts. Large boulders may expell, but mainly Tephra is the fine ash that's produced from a volcanic eruption. Also
Tephra is air-fall material produced by a volcanic eruption regardless of composition or fragment
clastic volcanic material, as scoria, dust, etc. ejected during an eruption.
(tĕf'rə) n. Solid matter that is ejected into the air by an erupting volcano. [Greek tephrā, ash.]
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clastic volcanic material, as scoria, dust, etc., ejected during an eruption.
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Tephra is formed during a volcanic eruption from magma expelled into the air. This material cools and solidifies before reaching the ground. Tephra is also known as pyroclasts and can be so light it can travel around the globe carried by the wind.
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Tephra, rock fragments ejected from a volcano during an eruption, are called blocks and bombs when larger than 64 millimeters in diameter. Because of their size, ...
The smallest kind of tephra is volcanic ash, which is smaller than 0.08 inch in diameter. Any kind of fragmentary material produced by a volcano is considered ...
Medium-sized tephra are called lapili. Tephra are rock fragments ejected from a volcano. The smallest tephra are called ash, while the largest are called blocks ...
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