What Is Terra Cotta?


Terracotta is the name given to a ceramic material that is usually made of natural clay. Items made out of it are also referred to as terracotta; it is used to make items such as flower pots, water pipes, bricks and sculptures.
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Terra Cotta, terra-cotta or terracotta, is a fine-grained, orange or reddish-brown fired clay that is used for several outdoor purposes, It is, quite literally, cooked or fired earth
Many thousands of life-size terra-cotta soldiers and their horses protect the tomb
Terra cotta paint color provides a bold background for cultural decor. Italian, Mexican and American Southwest color schemes incorporate terra cotta reds, as they are reminiscent
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What Is Terra Cotta?
Terra cotta is clay molded and baked for a specific use. The term literally means "baked earth" in Italian. The name terra cotta also refers to its red-orange color. The origin of the clay dictates its color -- Mexican terra cotta has a pinkish hue and... More »
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