What Is Terra Cotta?


Terracotta is the name given to a ceramic material that is usually made of natural clay. Items made out of it are also referred to as terracotta; it is used to make items such as flower pots, water pipes, bricks and sculptures.
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Terra cotta (terracotta) is a cross between brown and orange. Throughout history, terra cotta has been used to make pottery, bricks and sculptures.
Roof tiles, flooring, walls, and pathways in ancient Greece and Rome were made of terra cotta. Tiles were historically shaped by hand and left outside under the sun to dry and harden
Terra Cotta, terra-cotta or terracotta, is a fine-grained, orange or reddish-brown fired clay that is used for several outdoor purposes, It is, quite literally, cooked or fired earth
Many thousands of life-size terra-cotta soldiers and their horses protect the tomb
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What Is Terra Cotta?
Terra cotta is clay molded and baked for a specific use. The term literally means "baked earth" in Italian. The name terra cotta also refers to its red-orange color. The origin of the clay dictates its color -- Mexican terra cotta has a pinkish hue and... More »
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Terra cotta is made from natural clay which is formed into shapes, decorated or colored, and then fired (or baked). Terra cotta actually means 'baked earth'. ...
Terra Cotta paint is a brown tone that can have a pink shade to it. It is the color that is often seen on outdoor planters and goes well with pastels, browns, ...
The colours that go with terra cotta are white, sage green and cream. Terracotta is an Italian name meaning baked earth. This colour can be used to paint home ...
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