What is terrace farming?


Terrace farming is a type of farming that is used in hilly areas to create patches of land for farming. The terraces keep the soil in place while allowing excess water to drain through natural gravity.
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With terrace farming, crops are grown on graduated terraces built into the sloping fields. The primary crop grown in terrace farms is rice. Large-scale terrace farming is used in
Flat, narrow fields stepping up the slope, horizontal tillage [ 90 degrees to the slope of the hillside ]
Terrace farming was carved steps of flat land up the side of the mountain to create flat
Terraces are like small level platforms that run down the side of a hill or mountain (like big steps) that are turned into fields. Farmers grow stuff on them or tend their herds of
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What Is Terrace Gardening?
If your backyard is a grassy, rolling hill or a rocky, steep incline, terrace gardening can turn it into a palette of colorful swaying flowers or trailing vines of fruits and vegetables. Terrace gardening uses a series of retaining walls to create level... More »
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Terrace farming is a method of farming on land that has a slope. By creating levels of terraces, this reduces the speed the water will run off. It helps control erosion as well. Japan is one of several countries that uses this method a great deal.
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