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Terrazzo is a flooring technique of mixing marble chippings and other durable aggregates in a cement matrix to decorate a floor. In most cases, terrazzo is used because it is easy to clean and maintain, has attractive appearance and is cost effective because it usually outlives many other materials used in hard flooring.
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[tuh-raz-oh, -rah-zoh, -rah-tsoh; Italian ter-raht-tsaw]
a mosaic flooring or paving composed of chips of broken stone, usually marble, and cement, polished when in place.
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Terrazzo is a material used for flooring or counter tops. It is a marble looking material that is used to create a stone effect. It is typically polished and mixed with marble and
Terrazzo is an excellent tiling choice for a number of reasons. The first is its looks. Because terrazzo is made by embedding marble, granite, quartz or glass chips in a cement binder
Terrazzo flooring in some form has been used since Roman times. It is a composite of natural marble chips and other aggregate materials in a cement matrix. Epoxy and resin compounds
1. Vacuum the terrazzo floor well to remove all grit. Do not use a beater-bar vacuum cleaner, as the beater bar can drag grit across the floor and leave scratch marks. 2. Mop the
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Stains are common problem with terrazo which are usually easy to correct with proper techniques. When the surface begins to break down and allow stains to penetrate ...
Terrazzo is a type of composite material used for floors and walls that is made up of marble, granite, quartz, and glass. Terrazzo is cured by using a binding ...
Terrazzo is a poured in place, or precast composite material. It can be made from various materials including quartz, marble, glass, and granite, and mixed with ...
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