What Is the 14th Wedding Anniversary Gift?


The 14th wedding anniversary gifts are Jewellery and Moss Agate. The Traditional 14th wedding anniversary gifts have a subject matter of ivory where as modern ones has a theme of gold jewellery. Moss Agate is thought to be a stone of wealth attracting and a stabilising stone, which refreshes the soul and creates beauty.
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1. Consider your partner. Sentimentalists may prefer gifts that don't stray from tradition, while modern thinkers and style lovers may prefer a contemporary present. You know best
The traditional material for the 14th anniversary is
The 14th wedding anniversary, although not celebrated as grandly as the 1st, 25th, and 50th anniversaries, should be colored with love. And one of the ways to express love is through
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Ivory is the traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary.
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