What Is the 50 State Quarter Collection Value?


If a person has a set of all 50 state quarters, they are guaranteed to have at least a value of $12.50, the value of 50 quarters. Since these coins were so widely distributed, they do not have a significant value higher than their face value.
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The State Quarter of Hawaii was released on November 3, 2008.
State Quarter of:
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The 50-state quarters collection is a set of 50 quarters which commemorate each of the 50 states in the nation. The 10-year program started in 1999 with the Delaware ...
There isn't much money to be made when considering the value of uncirculated State quarters. As they are currently in modern use, one shouldn't expect beyond face ...
The U.S. Mint issued quarters sporting designs to commemorate each of the 50 states over a 10-year period beginning in 1998. The rarest of these quarters are those ...
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