What is the acronym to remember the planets in order?


One that you can use to remember the planets is "My very
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Learning the order of the planets is actually very easy. The best way to remember the order of the planets is to use a mnemonic, which is a simple phrase that triggers a memory. The
1. You can learn the order of the eight planets fairly easily (Pluto was demoted in 2006) by learning just one short, simple sentence: My Very Educated Mother Just Saw Uncle Nick.
My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Nachos
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There are several variations of the planets acronym used in school to remember the planets and their order. A couple of examples are 'My very educated mother just ...
The most widely used acronym for remembering the planets is mjemjsun. Notice that the planet Pluto is no longer listed. Many people use the letters of the acronym ...
If you want to remember the order of the nine planets, you can memorize a mnemonic device like, 'My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Names' or 'My Very Educated ...
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