What Is the Address of JFK Airport?


John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is located in the south-east of Queens County, on Jamaica Bay, New York City. Its address is Queens, NY 11422, USA.
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JFK International Air Terminal Corporate Office Terminal 4, Room 161.022 JFK International Airport Jamaica, NY 11430 Email: JFKIATMarketing@jfkiat.com For more details : (718) 244
John F. Kennedy International Airport Jamaica, NY, 11430 Phone
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The London Gatwick Airport is located at West Sussex RH6 0NP, United Kingdom. It is a very big, popular airport that has more than 100 flights in a day.
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Kennedy Airport
Address: Keahole Airport Rd New York City, NY 11430
John F. Kennedy International Airport JFK, commonly referred to as 'JFK' or 'Kennedy' Airport', is New York's primary international airport. In the last few years it has made extensive improvements... More »
The address of JFK Airport is Building 14 Jamaica, NY 11430. The airport's full names are the John F. Kennedy International Airport, located in Jamaica, Queens, southeast of New York City and it is an international airport. It is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey under a lease with New York City since 1947 and its construction began in 1942. It was renamed to John F. Kennedy International Airport on December 24, 1963 after being initially called New York International Airport.
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