What Is the Atmosphere?


The atmosphere refers to a layer of gases that surround the planet earth. These gases include nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide and the layer is retained by the gravity of the earth. The atmosphere absorbs any ultraviolet radiation from the sun thus protecting life on the earth.
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The earth's atmosphere is simple in some respects, and complex in others. It is relatively uniform in composition with respect to its major mass components (oxygen and nitrogen), yet extremely variable in some minor components, such as water More »
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The atmosphere is a layer of gases that surrounds the whole Earth. It consists mainly of nitrogen, oxygen, and a few other gaseous elements. The purpose of the atmosphere is to prevent excessive amounts of radiation from reaching the Earth; thus, allowing human beings and animals to survive.
Atmosphere refers to the envelope or mass of gases that surround the earth and are retained by the gravity of the earth. It also refers to the pervading tone or mood of an area, a situation or work of art. It's also a pleasurable and interesting or exciting mood.
An atmosphere is a layer of gases that may surround a material body of sufficient mass.
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An atmosphere surrounds the Earth with a layer of various gases. The main gases that make up this atmosphere are nitrogen and oxygen with a few gaseous elements. The atmosphere is
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