What Is the Atomic Mass of Aluminum?


The atomic mass of aluminum is 26.981539 atomic mass units. The density is 2.702 grams per centimeter cubed. The melting point of aluminum is 660.37 degrees Celsius and the boiling point is 2467.0 degrees Celsius.
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Aluminum's atomic mass is 26.9815386,but if rounded up,it is 27.
The atomic mass of aluminum is: 26.981539 amu. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
12C has a mass of 12.00 by definition. So Mass of Al atoms = 2.2485 x 12.00 answer. Source(s) Rtc.
Cesium has an atomic number of 55 and an atomic mass of 132.90546 atomic mass units. The element has 55 protons, 55 electrons and 78 neutrons. The electrons are arranged in six energy
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The relative atomic mass of aluminum is 26.9815 amu.
The relative atomic mass of an element in the periodic table is the average atomic mass of a given element's stable isotopes.
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