What Is the Mass Number of Potassium?


The atomic mass of potassium is 39.0983. Potassium, whose symbol is K, is a highly reactive metal in water and it oxidises easily in air. This element has 19 electrons and it was discovered in 1807 by Sir Humphrey Davy.
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The relative atomic mass of potassium is 39.0983 amu.
The relative atomic mass of an element in the periodic table is the average atomic mass of a given element's stable isotopes.
39.098 is the atomic mass of potassium. Potassium was discovered in 1807 by Sir Humphrey Davy of England. The atomic number of potassium is 19.
Postassium is a type of chemical element. It has an atomic mass of 39.0983 ± 0.0001 u. This element also has a chemical symbol of K and an atomic number of 19.
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The atomic mass of Potassium (K) is 39.098 atomic mass units. The mass is mostly made up of the weight of the protons and neutrons located within the nucleus. You can find more information
the atomic mass of potassium is 39.102
Potassium: Symbol: K, Atomic Number: 19, Atomic Mass: 39.098, Type: Alkali
K - Potassium MW = 39.0983 g/mole.
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The mass number of an atom is the number of protons and neutrons it has in its nucleus. A potassium atom's nucleus does have 20 neutrons, but it also ...
According to the modern periodic table the atomic number of K (potassium) is 19 and the mass number is 39. The mass number is the sum of protons and neutrons. ...
The orbital notation for potassium is [Ar]4s 1. The symbol for potassium is K. Its atomic mass is 39.0983 ± 0.0001 u. The atomic number is 19. Potassium ...
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