What is the average cost per square foot to build a house?


On average, it is customary to estimate £50 per square foot or an average of £450 per square metre including walls. However, there is a high possibility of the cost rising to £650 per square metre for the much more expensive houses.
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Check with your local builder.
Cost to build a house in Michigan depends on the
I don't know about Alabama, but in Calif. it costs $100.00+ per sq. ft. to build a house.
I paid $9 ft on a guest house that has 900sq ft.live in TX.
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The cost per square foot for building a house can depend on several factors, including the materials used when building and how difficult it is to get the land ready. Obviously, higher quality materials will cost more. However, on average it costs about $75 per square foot for house building. When building a home, there are always permits involved and this can add to the cost. Land surveys and inspections can also bring the cost of building your own home up.
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