What is an average golf handicap?


The average golf handicap is 20.2. This is the measure of the playing ability of a golfer based on the tees that have been played on a particular course. It is normally calculated as a net score based on the number of strokes that have actually been played.
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In the UK it would depend on the CSS/SSS and par of the course. In the states I think it goes on par for the course and the slope rating. 82 consistently would put you in the 10-12
The United States Golf Association (USGA) developed the handicap to allow players with different levels of skill to compete on an equal basis. The official handicap system was introduced
14.8 would be your handicap score in golf if your average is 79.24. Have a nice
Handicap is a manner of determining the ability of each golfer in relation to the person who shoots par ( scratch player ). The purpose is to reduce each above par shooter by the
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What Is the Average Handicap for Golf?
A golf handicap is the mathematical measure of an amateur golfer’s skill relative to the skill of other golfers. The lower a golf handicap is, the better the golfer. Handicap rules may vary depending on the golf course.... More »
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