What is the average grocery bill for a family of three?


The average UK weekly grocery bill for 3 people is £90 which is inclusive of food, basic laundry and toiletry items. According to statistics, living in the UK is quite costly when compared to many other places in the World. However, it depends on an individual situation and preference tastes.
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Well not really regularlly is would be around $200 a wekk, so then $600 a week would be the average cost of a family of 4. I try really hard - make menus, then my grocery list before
Around $120 per week!
We have a family of 6 and we spend approximately $450 a month. And that does not count eating out which we do approximately 5-10 times a month and the numerous trips we make to the
I spend between $175 and $200 per week for my family of 11 (Mom and Dad plus 9 kids). We buy things like beans, rice, eggs, baby wipes and laundry soap in bulk at Sam's Club. When
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New research from the British charity Save the Children shows, the average British family - which according to official figures has an annual income of 29,000 - running up a 1,700 bill at the supermarket each week.
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