What is the average heating bill per month?


The average monthly heating bill depends on various factors: location, the method of heating, home insulation, and the square footage of a home, to name a few. People who experience mild winters will have relatively low heating bills, as do people whose homes are well-insulated. How one's home is heated is also important, as there are energy-efficient systems that conserve energy. Finally, the size of a home is a factor, as larger homes can take more energy to heat.
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http://www.energy.gov.on.ca/index.cfm?fuseaction=conservation.guide13 can give you some info. Also, according to USA today, natural gas users will pay over $1000 for a 5 month usage
The average water bill in America is between $30 - $50. It's
Impossible to answer - where in the world? What fuel for heating/air conditioning, if any? What sort of dwelling etc etc etc . It would also be seasonal, so a year's usage would make
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On average the combined electricity and gas heating bills total å£99, with gas having å£64 and electricity having the other amount. However, the actual heating bill in a household largely depends on the location, season of the year and the rates or tariffs that the household uses.
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