What Is the Average IQ for a 16 Year Old?


The average IQ of a 16 year old would be 100 as this is the mean average regardless of age. Those who have a score of between 99 and 114 are considered to be of average intelligence and normal.
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IQ testing is used to measure a persons' general intelligence. IQ stands for '' Intelligence Quotient ''. To measure the average IQ of a sixteen year old, simply take an IQ test for several persons of the same age and calculate the average. Or you can simply obtain the average by using the IQ calculator in the following site.
The average IQ of a 16 year old should be about 100. Generally, the ideal age to test one's IQ is 16 years, since many of the abilities that are calculated by an IQ test usually level off at this age. IQ tests measure the intelligence of a person, relative to the accepted societal standards.
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