What Is the Average Price of a Music CD?


It is around £7.99 in England. In the United States, you can find most cd's at an online retailer for around $10 or for around 12 dollars at a store. That is because the stores have to pay more rent than a website does.
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The average price for a CD in 2010 would be about 10.99euro to 15.99. The newest album would be around the 15.99 price but a older album would be around 10.99. Hope this helps : From
a cd here will cost about 20 euros here, which would convert to about 28 us dollars, everything here is extremely expensive. an average pair of jeans cost about 70 euros, or more,
CD ripping is often done in order to create original compilations, though is still often used to make an identical copy of another CD. Most CD players only play CDs which have .wav
There are just too many variables with respect to the size of the closet, the quality of the materials, and the level of customization to give you an "average" price. If
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