What Is the Average Salaries for Commercial Pilots?


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Salary Profile for Commercial pilots
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $109,000 $144,000 $70,000
National $84,000 $111,000 $54,000
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The median salary for a commercial pilot is $122,724 per year.
If it's for a major US airline (United, Delta, Continental, American) then at least $100,000 a year. Less if it's on a "low-fare" airline (i.e. Southwest, AirTran) or regional
that is good question. I ahve been recently offered job as commercial pilot in Mexico by the Mexican company. Offer was been in range of I think around $23-25K for Cessna Citation
It varies so much it is hard to pin down here. I'd go to. http://www.airlinepilotce. ntral.c. to get more information based on the airline in question. Click on the type of carrier
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The average salary for a commercial pilot is between £13,730 - £158,098,440 per annum with bonus. Their salaries usually depends on specific airlines and their standard pay for pilots, therefore, the salaries may vary from one pilot to another with regard to the airline he/she works for.
The average salary for a commercial pilot is approximately £ 40, 99 - £81,216 per year.
The average salary for commercial pilots in the UK is at £63,664 per year. The salary ranges from £25,387 to £79,602 with most of the pilots being male. The pay scale is usually in favour of pilots with experience. Pilots with over twenty years of experience make about half of all commercial pilots in the UK.
The average salary for commercial pilots in the UK is between 36,000 and 89,320.
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