What Is the Average Salary for a Photographer?


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Salary Profile for Photographer
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $24,000 $39,000 $23,000
National $19,000 $30,000 $18,000
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Approximate annual salaries for photographers range from $14,600 for
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimated that 62,940 people were employed as surveying or mapping technicians in 2009. The average annual wage for this sample was $39,470, with
an average photographers salary is around $55,000.00 annually.
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The average salary of a photographer is usually around 28,500 pounds in a month. This salary may vary from year to year depending on how many hours you work, experience, qualifications and the location of your job.
On average, a photographer in the UK earns å£25,811 annually. The amount that is earned is largely dependent on the clientele, area of operation and the skill of a particular photographer. For instance, in London, the average earnings are å£34,430, while in Midlands, the average amount is å£19,812.
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