What Is the Average Salary of a Hairdresser?


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Salary Profile for Hairdresser
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $52,000 $79,000 $37,000
National $40,000 $61,000 $29,000
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Hairdresser Salary According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of hairdressers, hairstylists and cosmetologists was $26,660 as of May 2008. That works
The average salary for a hairdresser in Illinois and every
The national average salary for the year 2008 was $41,334 per year. This is an increase of only 2.3% from 2007. The amount for 2009 won't be calculated until sometime in 2010.
Carpenters in the United States earned an average annual salary of $42,940, according to a May 2008 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median annual salary of carpenters
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The average salary for hairdresser was ?12000. The 2009 figure, as recorded above, is ?19492. In 2010, the average salary for Hairdresser is ?13,955. This majorly depends on the hairstylist expertise and experience in the job.
The average salary for a hairdresser in the United Kingdom is £19,492 as per UK data survey 2011, making a difference of 62% from 2008 to 2009. The average salary for the job in the year 2008 was £12,000 and £13,955 for the year 2010.
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The salary of a hairdresser depends on experience. The average salary for a Hairdresser in the UK is ?19,492. ...
The average salary for hair stylist jobs is $23,000. Average hairdresser salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits. ...
The average graduate starting salary for construction workers is about £22,625 to £21,563 with higher salaries offered by international consultancies ...
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