What Is the Average Shoe Size?


The average shoe sizes for men all over the world is UK size 9. The best selling ladies shoe size was size 7.5 but now it has reached up to 8.5 in the major cities and counties in UK.
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Hmm well 14 is big so i would say 10-12 i am pretty sure.
American women, on the average, wear a size 8 wide shoe and American men wear size
Answer Usually it runs from size 4,5,or 6 but it depends how tall the child is im a 10 yr old girl almost 11 and my shoe size is 4.
American women, on the average, wear a size 8 wide shoe and men, on average wear a size
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The average adult male in the U.S. has a shoe size of 10.5, and the average adult female is a size 9.
The average man's shoe has gone up a size in the past five years. The average size was initially UK size 8. Now it is 9 and, to underline the trend, demand for size 12s has soared, retailers say. The high street chain is now considering stocking size 13 and 14 as a standard fitting across all of its ranges. Currently, the largest shoe it stocks as standard is a 12.
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