Average Shoe Size for Women?


The average shoe size for women in UK is size 6. A woman's shoe size depends on the feet size and sometimes the height. Taller women have taller and wider feet than the shorter women, for example; a woman who is 5ft 4in has size 6 feet while one who is 5ft 10in has size 9 feet.
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The average shoe for a woman is size 8.
Shoe size can be dependent on a number of things including height; the average shoe size of women in UK is 6 compared to that of men of 9.
The average British woman's foot is 44.1centimetres which is roughly a UK size nine. It is said that the average shoe size for both men and women has been going up globally in recent years. The shoe size is the alphanumerical denotation of the fitting size of a shoe.
The average women's shoe size in the United States of America is an 8 wide as of 2012. The average American woman is 5'4 tall.
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