Average Temperature of Jupiter?


The average temperature on Jupiter is -145 degrees C. Further down into Jupiter's atmosphere, the temperature gets to 9,700 C and at the core the temperature is as high as 35,500 C. These high temperatures are caused by the presence of high amounts of hydrogen.
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Jupiter is named after the Roman god of lightening, who was the king of the other gods. Because of this planet's massive size, one could see why it was named after the king of the
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What Is the Average Temperature of Jupiter?
Jupiter is a gaseous planet with a hot core, and there is a large temperature gradient between the planet's surface and its core. On the surface, though, the temperature remains constant, and it isn't one that humans would find comfortable if they were... More »
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The average temperature at the topmost of Jupiter's clouds is ‰ÛÒ153C. Jupiter does not have solid surface, therefore its gaseous material becomes denser with depth. Its atmosphere is made mainly of hydrogen 86% and helium 14%.
Jupiter's average temperature is -145 degrees C. As you go down the temperature goes down.
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