What Is the Average Walk in Closet Size?


The average walk in closet is five foot wide. Depending on the home and the needs of the person, the closet might be larger or smaller.Many people will recommend to build more space than what it needed in order to have room for new purchases.
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ours is 10 x 13 - with a center island - plenty of room to walk and get dressed.
The standard width for bedroom closet doors is 30 inches. This applies to most bi-fold and single doors. This allows enough room to access the closet interior, while reducing the
a walk-in gin closet? - Liver damage, I am guessing. Otherwise, I think the downsides are expense, portability, and the size of the work crew that knows what you are storing.
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What Is the Average Walk-In Closet Size?
A walk-in closet is usually bigger than a front-access closet. The benefits include more storage space and better access to your clothing. In front-access closets, the wider the closet is, the wider the door must be. With a walk-in closet, only a small... More »
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Walk-in closets average at 6 feet by 8 feet. Sometimes, people also add a center island so it's easier to lay out clothes.
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