What Is the Average Walk in Closet Size?


The average walk in closet is five foot wide. Depending on the home and the needs of the person, the closet might be larger or smaller.Many people will recommend to build more space than what it needed in order to have room for new purchases.
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The standard width of a walk-in closet is at least 5 feet but may range up to 8 feet or more. At 5 feet, the closet is wide enough to contain a set of closet rods with 24 inches of
Between 4-6 feet wide, and 24" in depth.
hallways should me min. of 3 feet wide. walk in closet should be 6 feet wide so you can have storage on both sides.
The average in-door walk-in coolers or freezers will cost
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Walk-in closets average at 6 feet by 8 feet. Sometimes, people also add a center island so it's easier to lay out clothes.
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