What is the average weight of a Chihuahua-Pit Bull mix?


Pit Bull/chihuahua mix may be named as Chipit. It is a mix between a Chihuahua and an American Pit Bull Terrier. Commonly, this breed carries the petite size of a Chihuahua but the muscles of a Pit Bull.
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How about some actual pictures. Here is a link to a page of "cheek" pictures (pekingese/chihuahua mixes) http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/cheeks.htm. The ONLY drawback is the
4 lbs
Mixes are pretty unpredictable size wise so anywhere from 18-20 inches at the withers (shoulders) And 40-50 pounds. Both breeds are really active so make sure they get plenty of exercise
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A Pitbull Chihuahua mix, also know as the Chipit or Pithuahua, is a mixed breed dog and is a cross between the Chihuahua and the American Pit Bull Terrier. These dogs usually have a white coat with dark spots, long ears and tail, narrow muzzle, and is short and stocky build. The Chihuahua Pit Bull mix weighs between 10 and 15 pounds when fully grown.
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