What is the average weight of an African male lion?


The lion is one of the four big cats known in the world. Male lions have been known to exceed 250 kg. The lion is the second-largest living cats after the tiger.They currently exist in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia. The main role of the lion is to protect its territory and also defend female lions from other male lions.
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lions weigh 400 up to 550 pounds if they are in there most healthiest physical form. In Kruger Park, the weights of 344 lions ages 4 and above were recorded. Males portrayed an average
You can't know based on that information. For example, there could be two polar bears that weigh 775 pounds and one polar bear that weighs 1200 pounds.Then the average weight would
Guinness World Records: largest lion in captivity still alive today is an African lion called who had a shoulder height of 42.5" and a girth of 70".
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The average weight of the African male lion is about 204-228 kilograms, and has a lifespan of about 15 years. The lioness has a gestation period of roughly 103 days and usually gives birth to a litter of 2-6 cubs. Lions are carnivorous and they feed on herbivores such as: zebras, wildebeests, waterbuck or buffalo.
The average weight of a male African lion ranges from 150 to 250 kilograms which is roughly between 330 and 550 pounds. A female lion can weigh up to 180 kilograms (395 pounds). These lions have a life span of up to 30 years in captivity.
The average weight of a mature male African lion ranges between 204 and 228 Kilograms (450 ‰ÛÒ 500 Pounds). Lions are perhaps the most common of all the wild cats and the most social of all felines.
An africana male lion weighs between 330 and 550 pounds
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