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A bar mitzvah is a Jewish ceremony that normally occurs on the Jewish babies. It occurs on the day of a boy's 13th birthday where he converts and becomes a bar mitzvah or the son of the commandment. For a girl, the bat mitzvah occurs on her 13th birthday where she converts and becomes the daughter of the commandment.
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bar mitz·vah
[bahr mits-vuh or, Ashkenazic Hebrew bahr; Sephardic Hebrew bahr meets-vah]
a solemn ceremony held in the synagogue, usually on Saturday morning, to admit as an adult member of the Jewish community a Jewish boy 13 years old who has successfully completed a prescribed course of study in Judaism.
the boy participating in this ceremony.
to administer the ceremony of bar mitzvah to: Our son was bar mitzvahed at the family synagogue.
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Bar mitzvah is an initiation Jewish ceremony marking the 13th birthday of a Jewish boy and signifying the beginning of religious responsibility and the becoming of a man; a bar mitzvah is an important social event in the Jewish culture.
Bar mitzvah refers to the religious initiation ceremony for a Jewish boy who has reached the age of 13 and is therefore regarded as ready to now observe religious precepts and is now eligible to take part in public worship.
'Bar Mitzvah' plainly refers to, 'son of the commandment' where 'Bar' is 'son' in Aramaic, a dialect used by the Jewish people. 'Mitzvah' is use in reference to 'commandment' in both Hebrew and Aramaic. A Jewish boy qualifies to be called a Bar Mitzvah when he attains the age of 13 and no observance is done to bestow these obligations and rights.
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It is a term used when a Jewish boy/girl reaches the age of 13 to indicate that he/she is considered an adult in Jewish eyes. A "coming-of-age" ceremony, sounds like a fun
1. Understand what a bar mitzvah is. A bar mitzvah celebrates a Jewish boy's rite of passage into adulthood and usually takes place when he's around 13 years old. It begins with a
For young boys preparing for their Bar Mitzvahs, it's essential that he learns the basics with Bar Mitzvah lessons. When a student is preparing for his Bar Mitzvah (or her Bat Mitzvah
1 If your son needs help with memorizing his Torah and Haftorah portions, make sure he gets it. Ad 2 If you don't belong to a synagogue, find one that practices your branch of Judaism
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