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The basic economic problem is scarcity which involves a lack of resources enough to satisfy human needs and wants. These resources include land, labour, capital and enterprise and cannot be enough since our wants are very extensive and a choice has to be made in the best way possible.
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There is only one tool available which can be used to change the economic environment by governments, interest rates. This figure is usually set by a central bank in developed countries
What to produce? A nation must determine what good or services that they want to produce. How many and when? How to produce? Who will do the production, the resources and what production
The basic problem of economics is people have limited and less resources but
'Poverty' It implies that many people are unable to join economic activity and are 'disadvantaged' Economics is Anthropo-centric and its aim (basic) is to bring people to join the
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The basic economic problem asserts that there is scarcity, or that the finite resources available are insufficient to satisfy all human wants and needs.
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