What Is the Best Bait for Sea Fishing?


The best bait for sea fishing is known as mackerel. It can be used for almost every species of fish from both the boat and shore. It can be pit to strips and also used to catch a Pollack gurnard. Also the head can be used as bait.
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Smokin Silver is the best fresh water bass bait on average I catch 28 fish per 3:00 trips with it.
The common night crawler tops the list of earthworms as fishing bait for a variety of reasons. This worm will entice nearly every freshwater fish that sees it to bite, with trout,
String a net along the bottom of the river to catch the bottom feeding sucker
Recommended bait is night crawlers with some vanilla extract
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Fishing Bait: Saltwater
Good saltwater baits include sea worms, eels, crabs, shrimp, squid and cut baits... More »
Saltwater Bait:
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