What Is the Best Bait for Sea Fishing?


The best bait for sea fishing is known as mackerel. It can be used for almost every species of fish from both the boat and shore. It can be pit to strips and also used to catch a Pollack gurnard. Also the head can be used as bait.
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Cigar minnows, shad and other various types of bait fish are good picks for
Live bait. Find the forage that's native to your area ,minnows,shad etc.use this and catch fish. The best basic kind of bait to use for fishing is meel worms, or grasshoppers.
1. Learn the type of hook you want to use for the fish you're going after. Hooks come in all shapes and sizes, varying wildly not just by the fish but by the line you're using and
I've actually fished for smallmouth a good bit in the french broad river. I recommend using a 4 inch pearl colored fluke that is rigged weedlessly. Since the river is generally shallow
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Fishing Bait: Saltwater
Good saltwater baits include sea worms, eels, crabs, shrimp, squid and cut baits... More »
Saltwater Bait:
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