Best Bream Bait?


Some of the best bream baits are such as red maggots, casters, bread, sweetcorn, boilies and worms. Bream is a fish with a conspicuously deep body and a distinctive mouth and is commonly found in deep, slow or still water.
Q&A Related to "Best Bream Bait?"
Maggots are a good source!
Catfish - chicken liver and cut bait are my top 2 picks. I've found that cut bait seems to be a little more appealing for them. Chicken liver does work but you'll get a lot of panfish
Friendship is the best bait. Host small dinner parties with your best friends and invite potential women for your threesome. Get her used to your space and style. Then invite her
Get familiar with the waters you will be fishing; how deep are they, what the temperature is, and which types of fish are most commonly caught there. Hooking a walleye, a large mouth
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