Best Bream Bait?


Some of the best bream baits are such as red maggots, casters, bread, sweetcorn, boilies and worms. Bream is a fish with a conspicuously deep body and a distinctive mouth and is commonly found in deep, slow or still water.
Q&A Related to "Best Bream Bait?"
Bream Master says that Attack Minnows, a 5cm shallow diving lure with tight action are best for bream.
Maggots are a good source!
when float fishing i would put about two feet of line betwen the float and the hook, with one split shot up about 8 inches from the hook. for bait it's hard to beat a garden worm
Fishing is fun for all the family. Use shiny or colored lures, smaller live fish, crabs or worms. Anglers all have their favorite trusted fishing methods. Worms are the most popular
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