Best Bream Bait?


Some of the best bream baits are such as red maggots, casters, bread, sweetcorn, boilies and worms. Bream is a fish with a conspicuously deep body and a distinctive mouth and is commonly found in deep, slow or still water.
Q&A Related to "Best Bream Bait?"
Creek fish prefer artificial baits, and rooster tails are the best baits to use. For river or lake use crickets, worms, or chicken or turkey liver.
Depends on species. Here is a list, best bait first. Blue catfish. Chunks of fish, minnows, chicken livers, hot dog chunks, trout chow. Channel catfish. Chunks of fish, chicken livers
Believe it or not, rodents prefer seeds FAR more than they enjoy cheese like on the cartoons. Although, the best BAIT is usually a small spoonful of peanut butter. And, you can increase
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