What Is the Best Chainsaw for the Money?


The best chinsawa are electric ones.Most electric chainsaws however,are really for very occasional use on branches no more than a few inches in diameter. Although there are more powerful electric models available, capable of cutting firewood and felling, your money would be better spent on a petrol powered model.
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When violent weather strikes and trees fall, a medium- to heavy-duty chainsaw is key to clearing your property and restoring access to the outside world. If you're more interested in cutting and splitting wood to burn, a... Read More »
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Top Chainsaws Reviews
Husqvarna 450
Est. Price: $360
The Husqvarna 450 gas chainsaw provides enough power for medium- to... Read More »
Husqvarna 316E
Est. Price: $300
Most reviewers agree that hauling an extension cord around is a small price... Read More »
Oregon PowerNow CS250
Est. Price: $350
The battery-powered Oregon PowerNow CS250 has a 14-inch bar -- the longest in... Read More »
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Chainsaws can be either electric or petrol types. For use around your home in felling small trees, it is suitable to own an electric one. When choosing petrol chainsaws consider the size of the engine and choose one with the shortest guide bar length.
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The average price for a chainsaw is between $150 and $200
Unless you want to make a living with the chainsaw, go with a 16 inch chain. I have had 3 far. The chains and replacement bar are a better cost in the long run. Look for a good price
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