What Is the Best Color Eyeshadow for Green Eyes?


The best eye shadow colour for green eyes is brown eye shadows from light beiges and deep chocolate brown. Pink and purple also complement with green eyes if applied sparingly. When choosing eye shadow for green eyes, consider your skin tone and your eye colour.
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Try different browns, especially chocolate tones. Browns and dark
For choosing right eyeshadow for green eyes, prefer warm colors against cold tones. You may try brown.
I like wearing cream browns which are subtle but effective or sometimes a gold-ish colour. Purple really brings out the green in your eyes too. Different shades of green can also
First, never use a blue shadow. Stick with coffee colors and browns, but don't go chocolate. . Your hair color also makes a difference. See below for best. Brown hair- Use a gentle
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When deciding on eye shadow for your green eyes, it?s always important to consider the look you want to achieve. A strong sweep of deep shadows across the top lid can be a good for a night look Women with green eyes and auburn hair they have to wear fair to medium skin with a warm undertone. Good eye shadows and brow bone colours include: aupe, Beige, peach, Apricot, Tan, khaki and mocha.
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