What is the best food to trap a rat?


Every exterminator has their own tricks of the trade, but the most effective bait for rat traps is normally considered to be peanut butter. Any sticky food works though.

This bait is good for rats whether you are using a kill trap or a live trap. However, bear in mind that some rats are omnivores and others are strict vegetarians. For example, black rats turn up their noses at bacon and most pet food, while Norway rats take just about anything a homeowner offers up or leaves sitting out. Make sure to identify the species being targeted before setting traps. In some cases, leaving traps that have not been set but have been baited improves the odds of catching the problem rodent once the traps have been set.

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As always,cheese.They can't say no to that.Try Swiss or marble.I would prefer you use Swiss.Good luck catching those little pests. bread and eggs.
1. Place bait such as peanut butter, bacon, fruit, vegetable, cereal or meat inside the curl found at the end of the bait pedal. 2. Pull back bow and hold with your thumb. 3. Push
1. Learn a little about rats. This could help a lot when trying to catch them. Ad. 2. Set up traps in lots of different locations. This will greatly increase your catch possibility.
(răt'trăp') n. A device for trapping rats. Informal. A dilapidated or unsanitary dwelling.
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