What Is the Best Food to Trap Rat?


The best food to trap rats with is bird seeds but also, any food with a good aroma is sure to attract rats and you can place this food on a rat trap. Rats are attracted to fats, grains and sweet tasting food like chocolate, vanilla and maple syrup.
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Although professional traps do not need to be baited, baiting will increase the catch rate in certain situations. In areas where there is not a readily available food source, use baits that will cause a strong aroma: peanut butter, bacon and nuts. Where food is abundant, one should use nesting material such as cotton, Styrofoam, or any other soft material secured to the trap. Vanilla extract on top of this nesting material would also attract them to it.
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As always,cheese.They can't say no to that.Try Swiss or marble.I would prefer you use Swiss.Good luck catching those little pests. bread and eggs.
1. Buy traps and bait them. Peanut butter is good because it clings well to the trap. Apply the bait to the bait lever, a flat plastic or metal piece that flaps up and down in the
1 Learn a little about rats. This could help a lot when trying to catch them. Ad 2 Set up traps in lots of different locations. This will greatly increase your catch possibility.
(răt'trăp') n. A device for trapping rats. Informal. A dilapidated or unsanitary dwelling.
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To trap a rat can be a adventure all in its self. The best way to do this is with rat traps. You can also use live cage traps. These you will be able to put food ...
In order for you to make a rat trap, you will need to have some kind of bait, such as food, more specifically cheese, that will lure them into the trap. ...
1. Select the location where you'll be setting your rat traps. Rats like dark corners and places where there is food. Check for any holes in flooring, baseboards ...
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